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J-Rock CD Release Updates

J-Rock CD Release Updates
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This community is set up to provide current information about the upcoming releases of Japanese rock bands. ririisu was started by and is still run by me, lyme. Right now, I am still the sole moderator, and responsible for updating the weekly listings. I started this community because I always hated it when I didn't find out about a band I liked putting out a new single or album or whatnot until 2 months after the fact, and I figured there were plenty of people like me who feel the same way.

Please note: Only those with moderator status are able to post to this community. All members can comment, but to keep traffic focused and fairly low, only moderators will be able to make new posts. I would, however, love for members of the community to contribute, particularily if they have information on a release that I've missed.

Post Setup and New Release Submission Info - PLEASE READ ME!

The Big List - posted every other weekend, this is a list of all the known upcoming releases. This includes information on what type of release it is, a link to a website with more information, and any other pertinent info (such as bonuses, limited or alternate versions, and the like). New and updated releases will be marked with bold text for that week.

Out This Week - posted every Tuesday night or Wednesday (and sometimes Thursday mornings if I forget). As CDs and DVDs are generally released on Wednesdays in Japan, this will be a listing of what is being released this week.

Housekeeping posts - posted whenever they're needed (in other words, infrequently).

Submitting a New Listing - The easiest way is to just reply to the most recent post in the community. Please be sure to include the artist's name, the release date, and a link to a website containing the info. If you do not submit a link with a listing, it will not be added and you will not get credit for submitting it. This especially goes for lesser-known or indies bands from whose homepages you take the information. It takes me between 2-4 hours to update the list every time, and it is made much longer if I can't readily find the information myself.

WHAT NOT TO SUBMIT - Please do not submit pop links. For example, Hamasaki Ayumi and TMRevolution are considered pop, and not rock; therefore they will not be listed here. I don't currently know if there is a community on Livejournal for listing Jpop releases, but if there are any, I'd be glad to know so I could link them here. The exception to this rule is Gackt, which I only list grudgingly because many Jrock fans still consider him to be rock on account of his earlier solo works and time with Malice Mizer.

Listing Links - Currently, you'll notice the vast majority of links to releases go to CDJapan.co.jp. This is because I personally know they can be trusted when it comes to selling Japanese music releases, they ship internationally (in other words, to pretty much any country outside of Japan), their listings are available in English, and they list a lot of stuff. I prefer to link to them whenever I can because of the above reasons. Generally, listings not leading to their website are marked - for example, Third Stage carries a lot of indies releases, HMV sometimes carries releases not found elsewhere, and even some links go to the artist's home page when a link to where you can actually purchase the release is not available.

Memories - Each 'out this week' list will be archived in this journal's memories section, so that those seeking information regarding past releases will be able to find it easily.

ANYTHING ELSE? Any comments, questions, concerns - whatever - feel free to ask by leaving a comment on any one of the community posts.